African Nightcrawler, European Nightcrawler &
Red Wiggler Colony Starter Kits

Raise Your Own Worms's Easily for Fun, Gardening, Bait or for Profit!

How would you like to have your own army of premium soil engineers at your disposal? Hi, my name is Tim Campbell and I am the owner of Sparkleberry Nursery in North Alabama where I specialize in the different varieties of unique plant called Goji berry.

My next door neighbor Keith Hinkle and I are big-time gardeners. A few years back he got me interested in raising redworms for castings. In case you didn't know worm's produce the most fertile, healthy soil known to man. Before I began my vermiculture journey I had some black goji seeds I wanted my friend Keith to sprout for me because all of mine were damping off.

To my amazement the seedlings that Keith started for me in his castings were vigorous and never damped off. After that experience I had to have my own... so I begged my friend to let me pick through his bins and before long I had some nice indoor redworm bins rocking along...

Then I Discovered African Nightcrawlers!

African Nightcrawlers are a tropical worm and need at least 60 degrees to do well. They aren't really fit for colder environments but are ideal for indoor bins. After reading up on them I wanted to see if I could grow some of my own indoors. I started off with about 55 small worms. They were very small - I remember sifting through the compost I bought from someone and thought, "This is it?"

I was very disappointed and reconciled myself to the fact that I was a wasting time - I doubted I would ever see a return on my investment. I put my mix in a five gallon bucket and went my way... but that's when things got interesting. Within a short period of time the worms got bigger, and bigger, and bigger up to a foot long! And they were muscular too! Then I started to see baby worms and the population of my worms started multiply as they devoured everything I put in their bin...

Redworms are very prolific but not like the Africans during the warmer parts of the year, not even close - and the larger adults produce castings the size of a grain of rice! During that first summer the Africans were reproducing faster than the redworms and the size was no comparison.

Then I started to divide my bins and the population just kept increasing. I started putting ads on eBay and Craigslist - people were buying me out! Needless to say my populations got very low and I needed to expand. I definitely wanted to raise more of these worms...

You Can Do the Same Thing I Did...

You may be a gardener and want to compost your organic material into ultra-fertile soil that you have at your disposal at no-cost... have you seen how expensive this stuff is? And the bags of castings are usually dried out - that's useless, fresh moist casting have all the live micro-organisms.

Or you may be someone who likes to fish and you're tired of Walmart burning a hole in your pocket for a handful of decent sized bait worms - one simple bin and your bait cost issues are done.

Perhaps you want a relaxing hobby or have a family and want to teach your children about the wonders of God's creation - I can't tell you how enjoyable it is to watch these guys do their thing and make something of value. They are fun to play around with.

Possibly you want to make some extra cash? Worms produce several things of value and once people find out you have it they will beat your door down to get it - I can show you a few simple ways I make money with these and how you can too!

Colony Starter Kits

So at this point you may be thinking, "I'd like to try these African Nightcrawlers or one of the other worms out, they sound interesting!" They are, the problem is they are expensive to buy and as with the ANC's not very easy to find.

When it comes to buying worms online, usually you have to buy alot at one time and shipping costs make it too pricey if you're just wanting to raise your own. Also, the worms in these orders are sent without their habitat so they often try to crawl out when you put them in their new bin because it lack the organism that help them feed. Worms sent with some of their habitat will be more comfortable in their new home because of the bacteria they live with. Also, as I demonstrated earlier you don't need a large mass of worms to start your colony - you only need a decent size batch with with some good instruction.

Add to that you don't always know who you're buying from or whether they will honor the transaction if something goes awry.

I will. I have an established reputation on eBay as a reliable seller. Click Here to Check My Feedback On eBay

In fact, you will see my other Colony Starter Kits right there on eBay but the weight of material I send here is at 16 ounces as opposed to 13 ounces there... and that little bit of extra weight can translate into a good bit of extra worms for your money. I pack as much as I can into that 16 ounce first-class package so you can save money.

Here's What You Get

The whole point of these various starter kits is to get you going as cheaply, quickly and effectively as possible. I know specifically that there are a lot of people looking for the African Nightcrawlers at a deal because of their scarcity. European Nightcrawlers are quite pricey too.

I will be sending you right at 16 ounces of the habitat with the worms of various sizes, wisps (small hatchlings are plentiful in the mix), some cocoons and the habitat with all the beneficial micro-organisms. I also saturate my bins with EM1 which is kind of like my secret - I will also show you how to make your own EM1 and how to use it in the bins.

Another cool thing I've been doing its adding beneficial nematodes HB & SF into the bins to attack insect larva and other pests that try to set up camp... these guys will make a bugs life miserable as they turn them into zombies. They are harmless to worms.

I will tell you all about this in the comprehensive guide that I send you electronically with your choice of colony starter kit. In that guide will be links to videos and a lot of other useful info that I have done just for you that you will have access to. You will also be given a special link where you can get lifetime upgrades to the guide which is updated with new information fairly often.

Also when you order I will give you my contact information and you can ask me anything you want to know - I'm 100% committed to your success with this and I know you can do it.

I have put an amazing product together for you but let me explain my dilemma. I am a small business and I do absolutely everything myself. I can only process so many orders a day because this is a very time-consuming product to do. Once the number of orders goes beyond a certain point I absolutely have to raise the price out of necessity to keep from getting swamped.

If you order today you will get your pick of any of the four Colony Starter Kit's and eBook guide for only $14.97 and that includes the shipping! You will also have the option of ordering different combinations and multiple numbers of kits. I absolutely promise that the price will go up very soon.

Special Note: Packages weigh right at 16 ounces and will contain many breeders along with cocoons, wisps and other smaller worms. Each cocoon averages about 2-7 worms and by the time the second or third generation of worm comes from your mix you will have a veritable population explosion as these guys can lay 2-3 cocoons per week. DO THE MATH! It will take a hatchling about 8 weeks to become breeding size. The smaller worms in the mix that you can see that have no ring will be ready within a week or two.

** Your order also comes with a special guarantee - if after 3 to 4 months you don't see significant population growth I will send you a replacement batch simply for the cost of first class shipping **

Indian Blue worms are now also available...

Which Starter Kit Do You Want?